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Bali : Villa,, huts and Sleeps

If so, I still kinda like this one. A Private favourite. : Fun Chill Homey hut with round corners. This used to be one of my first loves.
Downtown Apartments [+62-361-736 464; fax: 736 424],
· Downtown Apartments [0361] 736 464
Jalan Lalu Village, 9D, Seminyak
: Contact : Jill O'conner

Second best for Not so comfy favourite ; : A Bit More Modern, very Square. I am not fond of Sharp Corners.

Pricey but Siong ah !

You are probably already aquainted with the THE LEGIAN.
But the Legian has another Product called the Legian CLUB.
This one is a lot better. The Design is more "masculine", hard edged, ain't my most favourite for my low "VILLAS Budget", but definitely has the better edgier feel … if you are looking for something a little more

If spending more than 5 nights, I would actually rent the house / Villas.

Nice for a party of 5-8 ( take 2 Houses ) – Seminyak / Kerobokan / Canggu – Nicer more peaceful.

if all else fails Go here : ( Trusted ) ( Bargain HARD . And don't trust all of the gits, complain FREELY )

Super Low Budget :

Super Low on budget :
cheap n cheery, in chaotic seminyak.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Bali Property | Bali Land Sale | Ubud Singakerta Padang Tegal Kengetan Petanu

Monday, December 20, 2004

The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa

The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa

This is my personal favourite. For Price, for space, for Pool, for Access,for Location, for amenities and tolerable room service, but a good selection on the menu for sampling the local fare and regular pizza, burgers and steaks.

If you have 3-6 people on your trip, I would strongly suggest the 3 room villas. Its great for parties and BBQ nites. With ample room to wander, especially for the kids. Its reasonably prices between Us$320-US$360 per nite, which works out at US$55-US$65 per person per nite, if 6 people share. This villas also has cable tv, and access to dial up internet. but before you leave on vacation, pls cheack voltage and types of plugs for indonesia before you plug n play. As with all hotel phones, they cost tons.... so make sure you remember to disconnect once you are done retrieving your email from the internet.

for more insider info contact :

please quote subject " The Villas- Bali "

Alu Bali, Jalan Oberio

Alu Bali

This Villa's website is awful, and its service is a little slow and tardy, and the pool often looks as green as it is slimey and warm. But apart from that the Layout of the villas are a much better plan than the ahimsa. Its more spacious, and the living rooms are great for late nite parties and drinks.

But beware, think ahead and plan if you intend to stay in for room service, it can take a while before they plant the rice, plow it, harvest it and finally serve it to you !. And as for Pizza, it seems to take as long as it takes to harvest rice. I'd go out if I were you. But at US$45- Us$65 per head for 6 people sharing a villa a nite, its not such a bad deal. This one gets our 2 star rating.

The Ahimsa Bali - Luxurious villa in Bali, Indonesia

The Ahimsa Bali - Luxurious villa in Bali, Indonesia

The Ahimsa is nestled in the heart of Seminyak. Its a great place to hide for 2-6 people in a shared villa. and average cost per person in a 3 room villa works out to be approximately US$45-US$70 per person per nite. I am particulary fond of the 2 or three room villas. But the single room villas feel somewhat cramped to me, as compared to some of the other villas on the island in this area. The paddle pools in the villas are not quite built for "work outs" jump in to hard, and you might drain the pool. Piddle paddle around with your 2 friends and it may be just enough to be called a large jacuzzi.

Its Location is its best asset, close to the beaches of the Oberoi hotel, and the restaurants such as Warisan, The Living Room, Ku de ta, and the Hu'u Bar. This area of Jalan Oberoi is the quieter development overflows from the legian and seminyak stretch. Its a 25 minute drive to the Kuta Area, if you plan to visit hard rock Cafe and the hordes of cheap tourist shops. but if you are happy with swankier bar prices of cocktails, banana smoothies, and es teler at US$3-US$7 or Rupiah 15,000 - Rupiah 20,000 per cocktail, then this is the area for you.

The Bale by Sanctuary Resorts


This one is a pretty nice one. out on the southern tip of the Nusa Dua area, which I call the Japanese tourist trap, but also the setting for the Aman Nusa and of course, the Bale.

The Bale has a fantastic little in-house restaurant, and its great for a weekend getaway. Its a little far from the beach, which is best gotten to by golf buggy. But for a romantic weekend getaway or a honeymoon suite for two, the 5-7m private lap-pool for midgets and the outdoor "day" bed is perfect for those star-gazing evenings after a spot of skinny dipping. The Villas are privately enclosed, and has a modern "airy feel" from the sandstone exteriors and wood interiors with full air-conditioning and fans. If you have little toddlers with you, stay away. This is a strictly adult romantic retreat.

For Special deals, or full luxury 5-12 day adventure travel itineraries contact : to discuss how to get the most of your your travels thorugh Bali or the Coral Triangle. For special events or promotions for this resorts contact : or
or for direct bookings at the Hotel : contact


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