Monday, December 20, 2004

Alu Bali, Jalan Oberio

Alu Bali

This Villa's website is awful, and its service is a little slow and tardy, and the pool often looks as green as it is slimey and warm. But apart from that the Layout of the villas are a much better plan than the ahimsa. Its more spacious, and the living rooms are great for late nite parties and drinks.

But beware, think ahead and plan if you intend to stay in for room service, it can take a while before they plant the rice, plow it, harvest it and finally serve it to you !. And as for Pizza, it seems to take as long as it takes to harvest rice. I'd go out if I were you. But at US$45- Us$65 per head for 6 people sharing a villa a nite, its not such a bad deal. This one gets our 2 star rating.