Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bali : Villa,, huts and Sleeps

If so, I still kinda like this one. A Private favourite. : Fun Chill Homey hut with round corners. This used to be one of my first loves.
Downtown Apartments [+62-361-736 464; fax: 736 424],
· Downtown Apartments [0361] 736 464
Jalan Lalu Village, 9D, Seminyak
: Contact : Jill O'conner

Second best for Not so comfy favourite ; : A Bit More Modern, very Square. I am not fond of Sharp Corners.

Pricey but Siong ah !

You are probably already aquainted with the THE LEGIAN.
But the Legian has another Product called the Legian CLUB.
This one is a lot better. The Design is more "masculine", hard edged, ain't my most favourite for my low "VILLAS Budget", but definitely has the better edgier feel … if you are looking for something a little more

If spending more than 5 nights, I would actually rent the house / Villas.

Nice for a party of 5-8 ( take 2 Houses ) – Seminyak / Kerobokan / Canggu – Nicer more peaceful.

if all else fails Go here : ( Trusted ) ( Bargain HARD . And don't trust all of the gits, complain FREELY )

Super Low Budget :

Super Low on budget :
cheap n cheery, in chaotic seminyak.

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